New Product Sales Falling Flat?

You’re not alone. 80% of all new products miss their sales targets. We can help you beat the odds.

Growth Engine Stuck in Neutral?

Between increased competition and technology changes it’s no wonder. We can help you get back in gear.

Product Margins Under Pressure?

Markets are heating up. Whether you’re competing with offshore or “free” web services,
we can help relieve the pressure.

Customer Base Checking Out?

Customers have more choices than ever. You need to make sure they continue to choose you.
We’ll make sure “they can never leave.”






 We Help

Companies Grow Revenue.



Growth challenges are a company issue, not just a sales issue. Your business strategy, products, marketing and sales efforts must be aligned to be effective. Often they aren’t.

An outside perspective can get things back on track.

At B2B Growth Partners, we strive to understand your unique challenges and resolve them.










Progress. Step by Step.


A detailed review areas critical to revenue growth and customer satisfaction:


  • Develop growth 6-10 concepts
  • Evaluate effort, risk, and impact
  • Specific growth plan


We advise or lead an implementation team on targeted growth projects.


  • Based on DISCOVER findings
  • Lead cross-functional team
  • Drive project to completion


A shared growth expert drives near-term & long-term revenue growth.


  • Continuous improvement
  • Manage revenue-generating processes
  • Part of your Executive Team

Teamwork. Not just advice.


We hesitate to call ourselves consultants. That’s because most consultants are experts in, well, consulting. They advise clients on what to do, but haven’t had to make the tough choices themselves.

We’ve been there. Hiring. Firing. Ramping up and ramping down. It’s called experience.

Growing a business is a total company effort. It takes people from finance, marketing, operations and every other department–even suppliers and key customers. Managing this kind of effort requires a combination of leadership, inspiration and project management discipline.

We are effective cross-functional leaders with experience at companies of all sizes. Our advice is based on experience, but we are hands-on alongside the rest of your team. Whether it’s diagnosing problems or fixing them, we stick with it until the job is done.


Subscription Revenue Increase


Margin Increase


Profit Improvement


Actual results from recent client projects.

Your mileage may vary.

Pay For Results, Not Minutes


Many professionals charge by units of time; minutes, hours, days. Chances are your legal and accounting services charge that way. We believe that creates a barrier between you and your provider. You hesitate to make that call knowing it’s going to cost you.

We think that’s wrong.

Our approach is to keep focused on understanding and solving your business challenges, not looking at the clock. That’s why we prefer to work with a mutually agreed fixed price for a given project. You know the costs ahead of time and can budget accordingly. Then we can both get down to business, and forget about the fees.


  • Before 60% 60%
  • After 100% 100%

Fixed price. Zero hassles.

I brought in B2B Growth Partners at a critical phase as we were expanding the sales team, rolling out a new CRM, and trying to follow up leads. Our business depends on proven engineering and construction processes, but our sales and marketing approach didn’t get the same attention. B2B Growth Partners found the disconnects and helped us build a system that works for us.


President, IT Services Company

I hired B2B Growth Partners to help us increase sales productivity, but we found our sales process was broken. We were trying to sell to customers that weren’t ready to buy–and they proved it with our own data.

Together we built a new sales process and baked it into our CRM and marketing automation systems. We saw results in the first month after rolling it out to the sales team. We are now generating twice the revenue with half the staff of a year ago. Now that the approach is proven we’re ramping the staff up again–and we’re using their CRO Advisory service to do it.


COO, Online business

We’ve found B2B Growth Partners to be a strong collaborator in solving client’s revenue generation problems. Many B2B firms need support incorporating contemporary digital strategies in their sales and marketing programs. B2B Growth Partners understands the power of content-based interactive B2B marketing and is high effective in embedding these strategies in client processes to drive revenue growth.


CEO, Interactive Marketing Agency

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