Why New Products Fall Flat

The Challenge

80% of new products fail to meet their sales projections. Experts published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes and others all cite the same or similar statistics. So if things are that bad, why doesn’t anyone fix the problem?

Basically there isn’t a problem–there are hundreds of them.

The Solution

Our 3-phased analysis covers all functional areas involved in the launch process. Weak points are addressed and the process documented. We assess your past product launches and results.

Together we develop an approach that fits your market, resources, and capabilities.

Process Steps


Amazing Result

Product Launch Success


Success begins at the start. Most reasons for a product’s sales weakness were known–and ignored–at the start of the launch process.


All aspects of the extended organization must have actionable information and be ready to go. Training and sales enablement are critical to success.


Product launches are no longer tied to industry events like trade shows–a mixed blessing. Timing, messages and product availability must be in tune. Alignment of all your customer facing team is essential, including channel partners.

Make the most of your new products